5 Day Weight Loss Plan

Lose 2″ Of Belly Fat In 5 Days With This Workout

That’s it! 4 simple exercises. Repeat these exercises until 30 minutes is up. This exercise is perfect for beginners or people who haven’t worked out in awhile and want to get back in the game.

Why does this work?

Basically this works so well because it’s a circuit training style which keeps your heart rate up turbo charging fat burning.

What’s a good number to complete this work if I’m out of shape?

If you are out of shape or you haven’t worked out in awhile repeating this workout 3 times in 30 minutes is really good. But most people starting out will only make through this workout 2 times in 30 minutes for the first 2 days.

You will find that after 3 days you are able to go longer and faster. You will lose 2″ off your belly in 5 day’s doing this.


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